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Anna will confirm after receipt.
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Board & Train: I agree that Happy Healthy Pup LLC does not guarantee that my dog will perform or be rid of any specific behavior after training; I understand that Happy Healthy Pup agrees to offer follow up support and training, whether by telephone or in person, for six months past the date of board & train. I agree that if, by agreement between Happy Healthy Pup and myself, my dog needs additional training for a period of more than one day, I shall permit my dog to stay at Anna B Johnson’s home, & that I will not be charged additional training fees, but that I will pay a boarding fee not to exceed $125.00 per night. I agree that follow up training appointments, if needed, will be conducted at a location specified by the owner and/or staff of Happy Healthy Pup.

I agree that in the event of a medical emergency or if asked for medical procedures, Happy Healthy Pup may have my dog treated by a veterinarian of their choice, and I will be responsible for the cost of any medical treatment.

Prior to entering this agreement, I consent that I have read and understand the above mentioned. I agree that “Play & Stay” as well as “Board & Train” fees are non-refundable fee. Should Happy Healthy Pup determine in their sole discretion, that my dog is not suitable to complete the program for any reason, I will be responsible only for the $65.00 per day, and the remainder will be refunded upon the dog’s retrieval. If for any reason the dog must stay additional days/evenings outside of the agreed upon boarding dates, additional boarding fees will be charged at a higher rate, not to exceed $85.00 per night for Play & Stay and $150.00 per night for Board & Train.

I understand and agree that genetics and environmental history (e.g. past experiences, lack of training, nutrition, health, etc.) can affect my dog's behavior. I understand and agree that this training may not be able to Happy Healthy Pup LLC I agree to waive all claims against Anna B Johnson, Happy Healthy Pup owner and to indemnify and hold Happy Healthy Pup LLC, it officers, agents, and employees, harmless from any and all liability or claims I may have or that any other person or entity may have because of any death, bodily injury, personal injury, or because of any loss to property that may arise out of or in any way be connected with my dog's boarding and/or training.You also authorize Happy Healthy Pup to use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs and/or video that may pertain to me— including my dog's image, or likeness, without compensation or permission.